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Steel Wire Solutions

Steel Wire Solutions

Bekaert’s Steel Wire Solutions business unit develops, manufactures and supplies a very broad range of steel wire products and solutions for customers in agriculture, energy & utilities, mining, construction, consumer goods, and the industrial sector in general.

To serve customers worldwide, the business unit has a global presence with manufacturing plants in EMEA, US, Latin America and Asia, and a sales and distribution network worldwide.

Our ambition

Serve customers with innovative value solutions that help them improve their business performance

Our business position and strategic focus

  • Strong positions in target markets
  • Deep knowledge of local market dynamics and positive effects from reverse globalization trends
  • Smart solutions provider to energy and utilities markets and the agriculture sector
  • Significant improvement of the business portfolio
  • Exit from commodity markets with low value adding opportunities

Main applications

Steel wire solutions for energy & utility markets, construction & infrastructure, agriculture, mining, and more

BU performance FY2021

€ 1.82 billion in consolidated sales • € 2.66 billion in combined sales²
11.3% underlying EBIT margin • 13.5% underlying EBITDA margin

² Combined sales are sales of fully consolidated companies plus 100% of sales of joint ventures and associates after intercompany elimination. For both Rubber Reinforcement and Steel Wire Solutions, this mainly includes the joint ventures in Brazil.