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Specialty Businesses

Specialty Businesses

The business unit Specialty Businesses comprises three sub-segments¹ that serve different markets. These sub-segments are Building Products; Fiber Technologies; and Combustion Technologies. The characteristics all three have in common are their high-end product portfolio and advanced technologies, and their continuous search for lightweight solutions and environmentally-friendly applications.
Building Products develops and manufactures products that reinforce concrete, masonry, plaster and asphalt. Fiber Technologies offers high-end products for filtration, heat-resistant textiles, electroconductive textiles, hydrogen electrolysis technologies, the safe discharge of static energy, sensor technologies, and the semiconductor business. Combustion Technologies targets heating markets with environmentally-friendly gas and hydrogen burners and residential and commercial heat exchangers.

Our ambition 

Be the leading solutions provider in low-carbon concrete reinforcement and in thin fiber and combustion technologies that contribute to a cleaner world

Our business position and strategic focus

  • 40% market share in concrete reinforcement fibers
  • 40% market share in thin metal fibers
  • Solutions provider to sustainable and digital applications:
    • Low-carbon concrete reinforcement
    • Light-weight materials
    • Hydrogen power technologies
    • RFID and sensor technologies
  • Strong focus on research & innovation 

Main applications

  • Dramix® steel fibers for low-carbon concrete reinforcement
  • Thin fibers for filtration, hydrogen electrolysis technologies, RFID tags
  • Low and zero-emission gas burners and heat exchangers

BU performance FY2021

€ 476 million in consolidated sales
14.7% underlying EBIT margin • 16.7% underlying EBITDA margin

¹ Note: the Hose and Conveyor Belt activities have been moved to the business unit Specialty Businesses as from January 2022. The financial statements relative to these activities will be reported accordingly in fiscal year 2022. They represented € 115 million in consolidated revenue in 2021. As a result, the Rubber Reinforcement business unit will be entirely focused on the tire industry and the business unit Specialty businesses will extend its business scope with a fourth sub-segment.